Cleveland Persian Society

A CFA member cat club.

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About Our Shows

Cleveland Persian Society usually puts on two  CFA Allbreed cat shows each year.  Our traditional date for a show is the third weekend in January.  In 2023 our January show will be at the IX Center in Cleveland Ohio.  This will be a smaller show than the International CFA show which is held at the IX Center in October.  Our show will allow spectators to ask questions, get to know and understand our hobby and meet our show cats.

Due to Covid, we did not have a show in January 2021 but we had a show,  in January 2022 in Canton Ohio.  Because of Covid, there were no spectators or vendors at the January 2022 show.  We also had a show in Medina Ohio in July 2022.   

 Our January Show

Cleveland Persian Society will host an 8 Ring (4 judging rings each day) CFA, All Breed Cat Show in Cleveland Ohio.  

January 21 & 22, 2023

The show hall is at the IX Center on  1-x Center Drive, Cleveland Ohio  44256

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